Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise Discussion


Behavior to Change: Healthy Eating (Chapter 10)

  • Behavior to Change (5 points)

  • State and discuss the health behavior you wish to change. Include the reasons why you want or
  • need to change this behavior (e.g., how will this behavior change enhance your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health), the specific focus of your behavior change, how difficult or easy you anticipate making the behavior change will be, and how ready or willing you are to actually make the behavior change.

    3) Activities for Change (4 Points)

  • List and describe a minimum of three activities that you will perform to implement your behavior
  • change. Be specific, and explain how these activities will help you achieve the behavior change.

    4) Seven-day Activity Plan (4 Points)

  • For each day of the week, list in detail the specific activities (as described in “Activities for
  • Change”) you intend to perform in order to implement your behavior change. Your activities may vary from day to day depending on your personal needs/schedule.

    5) Activities Accomplished (4 Points)

  • For each day of the week, list and comment on the activities that you actually performed. If you
  • followed your plan as outlined, great! If you didn’t follow the plan, briefly explain why; if you feel an activity needs to be changed/added/removed, briefly explain how you expect that change will improve your plan and chances of success.

    6) Daily Comments Journal (4 Points)

  • For each day of the week, describe your feelings about the activities you performed (or intended
  • to perform if you did not). Discuss setbacks and achievements as well as your thoughts on being able to achieve/continue the desired health behavior change. Include any specific circumstances that impacted your ability to follow through with your plan, and any additional thoughts/information pertinent to your performance (or lack thereof).

    7) Daily Website and Narrative (4 Points)

  • Every day of the week, visit a different website that you feel could help you with your activities.
  • Provide the web address and write a narrative about the site (e.g., why you chose the site, helpful information regarding your behavior change, a discussion about whether or not you felt the site was useful in helping you achieve your activities, etc.).

    8) Reflection and Evaluation (5 Points)

  • Reflect upon your experience and evaluate your progress towards achieving the desired behavior
  • change over the past week. How successful (or not . . .) were you in achieving behavior change? How could you modify your activity plan to make the behavior change both achievable and long-lasting? What was your attitude regarding the change and plan; do you need to adjust your attitude or expectations to foster success? Were you actually ready/willing to make the behavior change and if not, what would need to occur in order to motivate you to follow-through with making the behavior change?

    Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise Discussion

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    Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise Discussion


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    Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise Discussion