N 493 Aspen University Community Health Nursing Essay


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What community health nursing intervention strategies will best be suited to address your selected health concern? How would integrate these methods into my project?

The best suited public health nursing interventions that can help me address the health concern of my target population are “Screening”, because my population is lacking knowledge about their health, many diseases appear without warning signs or symptoms, therefore screening is a strategy to help people to be informed about their health condition. The other is “Health teaching”, both are interventions that go hand by hand. I will incorporate screening into my project by simply showing how to check blood pressures at home with a simple automatic blood pressure cuff. Since I am working with the Oncology patient navigator at my hospital, they will be giving the opportunity to introduce to the community a simple easy to use colorectal screening kit that people can use at home and sent to the laboratory at no cost. To help integrate teaching methods I will be providing handouts of the most common preventable diseases and what screening methods people can use to make sure they are being proactive at taking care of their health. I will also create a colorful, poster with great visuals of diseases that can be preventable by simple methods like blood testing, measuring of blood pressure, urinalysis and more. As described in an article written by Rush (2014) the promotion of restoration of wholeness in a person’s life is the main goal of medicine. But is also a challenging task for medical professionals because they need to incorporate strategies to promote lifestyle changes in people, enough to reduce disease and maintain healthy. Rush also talks about poor health being a factor that not only affects the individual, but the family and society as a whole, anyone being a part of any this groups will be forced to adjust their role in their families and even society due to the disability of a family member. According to Rush the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable diseases like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes type 2. Obesity is also a factor that accounts for physical disability costing more than 100’s of billions of dollars.


Nursing Intervention Strategies

Although this community outreach project covers multiple Minnesota intervention wheel topics, the interventions that relate closest to my project were outreach, health teaching, collaboration, as well as community organization.

Outrage is defined as “locating populations of interest, or populations at risk and provides information about the nature of the concern, what can be done about it, and health services can be obtained.”(Public health nursing: The Public Health Intervention Wheel 2022).

Health teaching is defined as “communicating facts ideas and skills that change knowledge attitudes values beliefs behaviors and practices of individuals families’ systems and/or communities”. (Public health nursing: The Public Health Intervention Wheel 2022).

Collaboration is defined as “two or more persons or organizations they get together to achieve a common goal through enhancing the capacity of one or more of the members to promote and protect health.” (Public health nursing: The Public Health Intervention Wheel 2022).

Community organization is defined as “helping community groups to identify common problems or goals, mobilize resources, and develop and implement strategies for reaching the goals they have collectively set.” (Public health nursing: The Public Health Intervention Wheel 2022).

Integration of Methods

My hope is that I will be able to integrate numerous topics of the intervention wheel throughout my presentation. The four main intervention pieces that I believe I will cover our outreach, health teaching, collaboration, and community organization. The intervention of outreach I believe I believe has already been implemented during the initial phases of deciding a topic. By looking at the community and deciding what needs to be improved as well as how to reach this targeted population, the outreach intervention is completed.

The portion of our project that focuses on health teaching is the actual time that we are presenting our project to the public. By knowing how to reach the targeted population and providing appropriate learning materials, we can effectively improve community health. For example, if you don’t take note of your and you present your facts in a way that will not grab the selected population, you will not be able to effectively reach the community.

Through collaboration, the information provided to the community has a better chance of reaching the maximum amount of community members. For my project, I am collaborating with a local pediatric dentist office, both myself as well as the office benefits from the distribution of information. My goal is to leave additional education pieces, such as pamphlets, so that the office may continue to distribute the information in the following weeks/months.

Finally, Community organization I believe will be implemented after the product is complete. By leaving the additional education pieces at the pediatrician’s office, the project has a potential to grow and evolve additional community resources. I could potentially reach out to local government to assist me in furthering the community education portion.

N 493 Aspen University Community Health Nursing Essay

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N 493 Aspen University Community Health Nursing Essay


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N 493 Aspen University Community Health Nursing Essay