University of Texas at Dallas Health Care Ethics and Health Care Law Questions


  1. How can a health care organization assure that in matters of sensitive medical decisions and care that its medical ethicist is the contact person for any media inquiries?
  2. What would be an excellent example of where both the ethics committee and the legal affairs department need to coordinate their efforts and work together


information on evaluating websites. Do not use sources like Wikipedia and – these may provide
good background information; but these are not scholarly. Some other
unacceptable sources include:,,,,,, and so on. Use textbook Buchbinder, S., Shanks, N., & Kite, B. (2021). Introduction to Healthcare Management. Jones & Bartlett Learning  


hi , yeah I have some slide matter related to the question.Health Care Ethics                                                     Health Care Law1. Creates a framework for decision making                    1. Sets a baseline for what is acceptable and             that reflects commonly held beliefs and                           what is not            values                                                                           2. Supports the established legal framework        2. Reduces the possibilities for irrational and                       of health care jurisprudence            disparate actions and behaviors                                   3. Creates proactive practices to reduce threats         3. Contributes to a culture aligned with                                 from litigation            corporate mission, vision, and values                           4. Supports the areas of patient care delivery        4. Serves as a common “language” across                           services and compliance                              all services and operationsHealth care ethics-The core organizational structure for health care ethics is the committee format. Because ethics crosses all activities and operations in a health care organization, it is extremely interdisciplinary by nature and needs to be managed in that context. The committee structure is well suited for this purpose.Health care law- The formal department structure is commonly used to organize health care law in the organization. Staffed by attorneys and paralegals, these units perform all of the required legal services from employee awareness, legally responsible compliance practices to legal preparation for court hearings and trials. Medical ethicist roleDepending upon the size of the health care organization, it may or may not have a full-time medical ethicist on staff. Usually, larger institutions or health systems employ such individuals to serve as the ethical officer for the organization1.Represents a senior level administrative position  2.Permanent member of the ethics committee  3.May serve as chair of that committee or notEthical Leadership -Provides the ethical direction and approach for the organization. Serves as the major source for information and expertise about ethical theory and practiceSpokesperson- Offers statements and explanation on issues and practices with the ethical perspective for both internal benefit and public consumption externallyCommittee Role-Provides information on ethical theory, practice, and application to allow the ethics committee to take informed action and to offer justified advise and recommendations .

University of Texas at Dallas Health Care Ethics and Health Care Law Questions

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University of Texas at Dallas Health Care Ethics and Health Care Law Questions


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University of Texas at Dallas Health Care Ethics and Health Care Law Questions