West Coast University Digitalization Discussion


Give a positive feedback on this two comments

Cristian post: The latest increased in use of technology, digitalization, social distancing at work, and virtual working makes socializing with your colleagues much more crucial for the success of organizations. According to Çetin (2021), work has always been a central theme in human’s life. Most of the quality time in daily life is spent in the workplace or while doing work related activities. What we do, what we know, what we become are mostly linked with and grounded on work. Changes in work spillover in private life domains and radical changes in other life domains affect work. Workplace also serves as a foundation where employees socialize with their colleagues. According to Jiang & Zhang (2020), in their study it showed that learners who were unfamiliar to their peers had better learning performances if they experienced higher levels of social presence by performing explicit socializing activities prior to learning phases. So, I feel that by socializing with my peers is beneficial in creating a better learning environment by having less inhibitions and more collaboration. When you get to know your peers on a more personal level, you learn also their strengths and weaknesses. When faced with challenges, we often seek the mentorship and guidance of others. A better learning environment can be created if we harvest the strengths and conquer the weaknesses together. It allows for free learning in an interacting environment where everyone feels welcomed to participate. Socializing is a powerful driver of engagement.

Mohamed post: In my opinion, we as human beings are require social interaction to grow and mature. Through others experiences and sharing our own we can develop a more well rounded view then just seeing things through our own eyes. Sometimes our perception or understanding of something is not enough to actually grasp the concept. I believe that t is also important that we communicate and socialize with our patients and their families as we may learn important information that can contribute to better quality of care. We spend as much time at work as we do with our families. Having dialogue with others is not only healthy for our own mental health but it’s imperative to grow out of our box.

I commonly communicate with other staff members and I’ve honestly learned majority of my skills because of this. Even speaking with CNA’s and EVS can be beneficial. Just because I may be a higher pay grade then some of the other departments does not mean and can’t learn amazing things from them. As nurses, communication is a under rated value that can significantly enhance your skills and attitude towards your career.

West Coast University Digitalization Discussion

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West Coast University Digitalization Discussion


  1. Start with a clear thesis statement that states your main argument.
  2. Use evidence and examples to support your thesis statement.
  3. Create an outline to organize your thoughts and ensure a logical flow of ideas.
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West Coast University Digitalization Discussion